Personalized Matchmaking Services


I interview each client personally.  During our meeting, we will decide precisely what criteria you are looking for in your partner.
Through careful screening and selection, I ensure that your potential match is compatible based on family values, personality, background, lifestyle and other important issues that are specific to your needs.

I offer the human touch and interaction in finding your match.  I hand select all of your potential mates and introductions.  Unlike computer dating, I verify identities and other criteria to avoid misrepresentation and falsehoods.  Quality over quantity.

Client information is confidential.  All aspects of my services are privileged between client and matchmaker.
I am bound by a code of ethics and through our client/matchmaker relationship, you will feel confident that I have your heart in mind.

I offer feedback.  As your matchmaker, I will follow up with you as well as your Introduction and provide feedback after your date.  This allows a fine-tuning of the relationship process that you may have had problems with in past dating relationships.

I reserve the right to refuse a client.  As with potential matches and introductions, if I feel I can not adequately meet an individual's needs, I will not accept them as a client.

Personalized Matchmaking pricing is dependant on the client's specific needs which may include additional date/relationship coaching.

 Date and Relationship Coaching
Have you been out of the dating world for awhile?  Do you lack confidence?  Do you feel uncertain about getting back into the dating scene?  Do you have first but not second dates?  Regardless of  your current situation -- whether you are an inexperienced dater, it's your second time around, or you just need that little extra bit of confidence, I can help you take that big step back into successful dating.

Date coaching will help you define what you want in a partner or date, explore new places and ways to meet people, learn to ask for or accept a date with confidence and streamline your life to make more room for dating or fine tune dating etiquette and communication skills.

As your personal dating coach, I will help you set solid goals in line with your personal values, find focus and create momentum in your dating life and share in your progress and success.

Date coaching is offered as an individual service or may be added to personalized matchmaking.  This service is billed hourly.

Relationship Coaching: This service is based on Conscious Dating- A successful, cognitive approach to enable you to learn from past relationship mistakes, set your goals and align your single life towards a successful, fulfilling future with the right partner.  Many singles leave one bad relationship only to find themselves repeating the same pattern of choosing the wrong mate over again.  Learn how to define your needs, wants and goals. Assess your relationship readiness, make a plan and stick with it.  Working as your coach, I will help you take that action and help you make the changes that will put you on target for that lasting relationship you may not have thought possible.
Image Consulting

Image consulting services include valuable tools and resources such as updating your appearance or polishing your etiquette skills to give you the extra boost of confidence you need to enter the dating scene again.  This service is offered at an hourly rate.



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